zaterdag 7 december 2013

sewing inspiration

Hi everyone,

I decided I couldn't wait anymore showing you my new (shared with my Alexander) hobby space. It's definitely not done yet, but the basics are set up. But maybe you will inspire me how to do it up from here?

I wanted to hang this cutie in my old room, but never did. I love it and it has a homely tictac.
We have two new desks, which are actually dining room tables from Ikea.
We can make them bigger or smaller. I can't wait to bast my first quilt on them!
This picture is from "his"side of the desks. And you can see the shelving he put up for me as a surprise.
So I can show off my lovely stash. And should keep it really neat (that should be a challenge)
This is the rack next to my desk holding my scraps and all kinds of odds and ends.
As you can see I just unloaded the boxes and this needs organizing. 
The dutch Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) brought me a new quilting book!
And a gift certificate from my favorite dutch online fabric shop
Of course it burned in my hands and it is already spent. 
So my plans are:
- to organise my fabric on the shelves
- to organise my rack
- to hang some curtains
- to make a mini to hang on the wall
- to add the presentation line I saw at
- to hang up some pictures
- etc.

And of course invite my sewing friend.

Any bright ideas I hadn't thought of?

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4 opmerkingen:

Mumendemiekes zei

Het ziet er al veelbelovend uit ... En ook veel licht dat binnenvalt ! Heel gezellig

tante b zei

eva, wat een heerlijke kamer!
ik zou gequilte rolgordijnen willen! moet toch kunnen? zonder vulling? en een gezellige hele grote lamp boven de bureaus, ook zelf de kap met stofjes bekleden of zo??. zitten er ook vaste kasten in de kamer? anders 2 naast de schoorsteen? vitrinekasten?
ben heel benieuwd! xxm

evamarie zei

Ik ga idd zeker wat knutselen ook nog! thanks. Ben je nog in de buurt met kerst?

tante b zei

dat hoop ik toch wel. alhoewel peter riep dat hij rond die dagen hier wilde komen...


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