zaterdag 19 juli 2014

Hot Town, Summer in the city

Too hot to do anything at all in holland. I can't even write this without sweat running along my back!

I've finally purchased the Noodlehead "divided basket" pattern, after seeing and loving it a gazillion times on blogs I love and the internet. I try not to buy patterns until I will make them immediately, because I have lots I have never even touched. But I wanted to make a gift for my niece who had a new baby and got started right away and used fabric and filling from my stash. The fabric I used is a remake from the mailbags our national post company used when we still had one.

Now I will fill it up with some goodies and we will go to visit the babe soon.

Yesterday the children's summer break started and we celebrated on the beach!

Maybe we will go again this weekend since it is so hot, bu t it will be very busy, so maybe I will setup a mini pool in the backyard instead.

See you soon!Pin It


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