zondag 20 maart 2016

Epic Finish! My farmers wife quilt all done!

I promised you the revelation of my epic quilt! A long adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it (okay almost all). And needless to say I learned a lot from it too! The end result is far from perfect, but I am totally in love with it!

In the last three years I paperpieced 100 farmers wife blocks (there were 111 patterns in the book). I used all kinds of fabrics, no theme really, just what I put my hands on and was into in the moment. Some weeks I disciplined myself to make two every week. I Sewed two and cut the papers and fabrics for the next two. This helped me to have a little job waiting for me in my sewing room, even if I had just a quarter of an hour to spare. I had such fun wit them. When I started out I was a very inexperienced paperpiecer. I had to unpick a lot of times and there are still visible mistakes in some of the more difficult blocks. I decided to love them anyway.

About half way I discovered I was cutting the blocks down a little to far... They were about half an inch smaller than they were supposed to be. After some swearing and a few weeks of sewing depression I decided to just go on from there and tot trust myself I would find a way to fix this. When I had about 80 blocks I brought them to a meeting with my quilting friends and told them about my problem. I couldn't make my self throw out 50 blocks I painstakingly made. After a few ideas we settled on lining them and alternating putting the blocks "en point" and straight. That way I gave my self room to fix the size difference. I decided to do that with a beige linnen so the very colorful blocks would bee toned down a little. After some evenings of lining blocks and hanging them on my "design wall" I decided it to be just a bit boring. I ordered som ice blue linnen to. I conferred with my quilting friends on instagram. Would I put in a row of light blue, or some scattered blocks, or even alternating colors? I decided on scattered crosses.

The quilt is pretty big! 2.20 meters square. How would I back this monster. I decided on leftovers in muted blues, grey and whites. I also got out a pile of discarded shirts from Alexander I kept to use in quilts and started ironing and cutting them up. I made a big jigsaw of it on the bed and put it together. The sandwiching was a bog job of course, but I smelled the finish so I got right to it.

After another input round I quilted it with my free motion foot on my home machine using a dogwood pattern in a light grey thread. This was hard work and I felt like a wrestler at times. Again not perfect, but I wasn't disappointed by myself at all! I love the allover effect.

Last but not least the binding. I love striped bindings but black and white was to much for me here. So I used a coupon from Ikea in a blue and white stripe. After three evenings of sewing the binding to the back by hand, this lovely monster is finished.

Thank you for a lovely adventure Laurie Aaron Hird and all the contributing farmers wives. I've already started the next farmer's wife 1930's sampler quilt to be finished in 2018!

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3 opmerkingen:

Francis Paul zei

Je mag trots zijn hoor wat een beauty!!!

Marga (MarPie) zei

Je mag zeker trots zijn want het is inderdaad een hele mooi quilt geworden.


Claudia zei

Only just found your blog because I was looking for examples of the Farmer's Wife quilt and I just simly must tell you how beautiful your quilt has become. And....I think it has turned out especially pretty because of the adjustments you have had to make due to the mistakes. I believe they helped to make it slightly improv even if the blocks are perfect and non-improv. Your quilt is very special and beautiful. Greetings from Germany!


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