woensdag 16 maart 2016

Goodmorning sunshine - how about a blog come-back

For some weeks I am contemplating a come-back since I miss blogging a lot. There is of course Instagram and Flickr to keep in touch and share about my making self. That is absolutely ok too, but to me it feels a little flighty. There's lots of showing and little talking. I miss that. Just talking to my computer and to who ever will or will not read what's going on in my making-mind. It helps me structure my thoughts. It helps me to set goals. I also like keeping track of what I make and my progress this way.

Not blogging does leave more time for making, I admit. But maybe I could let go of my maniacal me who says I must blog twice a week. A little less rules maybe. Just sharing something if I feel like it.... Let's say I will show you my finished Farmers Wife Quilt next week (What? You started that 3 years ago! That's right, I am stitching back the binding as we speak...!) and we'll take it from there....Pin It

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dutchcomfort zei

I’m struggling with blogging too. Sometimes I blog several times a week and then I don’t write blogposts for some time. I need to have something to show or talk about.
With IG, Flickr and Facebook I have less blog comments than I used to, I still have a reasonable amount of visitors, but I guess visitors have gotten used to just click on ‘like’ on the other social media.

It’s fun to be able to read back through the posts and keep track of crafting and quilting that way.

A finished Farmer’s Wife quit, Yeah!


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