vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Boys being creative - fathersday

Morritz went all out for fathersday using fusible beads (strijkkralen). He made "sparkling stars" and we made a basket using fusible beads in the oven together (you can find a tutorial here). I found this "recipee" on pinterest and loved it at first sight. It's really easy to make and the possibilities are endless.....

I love his color choices and he can play with fusible beads forever. He loves to make things using examples (you can find lots of examples on pinterest!), but freestyling is fine to. So everybody run to ikea to buy a pot of fusible beads is my advise for a rainy weekend!

See you soon,Pin It

1 opmerking:

Nys Elke zei

ik ben dit idee al enkele keren tegengekomen en jij hebt me over de streep getrokken om het ook echt eens te proberen!

ik heb je een liebster award gegeven :-)



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