zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Maak ook eens wat voor Pap, Mam

I Make lots of homemade gifts, but mostly for women and children. But I have made some things for Fathersday....
I made him an apron from some sturdy Ikea fabric, which he really uses! (if he does it to please me we will never know, and ignore) You can find the tutorial here. And the blogpost here.

I've also made him a sleeve for his MacBook, He thought it up and I made it. He uses this one everyday too. Blogged here.

With fathersday approaching rapidly, I'm thinking something up to make for him. Options are limited for men, but I think this shouldn't stop us to make something for the man or men we love. I went through my tutorial list for some options other fabulous lady's thought up. Do you have more to add?

So what are you making for fathers day?
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5 opmerkingen:

mama saartje zei

Een hemd!

Anoniem zei

Is altijd zo moeilijk voor die papa's !!

Liesellove zei

Ik heb nog geen idee wat ik papa geven moet... Laat staan als ik het zelf ga kunnen maken dan... nog een weekje tijd!

Lieve zei

Dit blog net ontdekt en gebookmarked. Heel mooie stijlvolle ontwerpjes!
Misschien vind je de mijne ook inspirerend?

Kamiel Odille zei


Ik deed vorig jaar dit:


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