zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Double Dutch - another sewing meet!

We had another double dutch sewing meet in Leiden. Double Dutch is a little organisation of Dutch modern quilters who meet every once in a while, you can find us on Flickr here.

We did a double dutch themed block challenge and we had
lovely muffins made by Mari
My input was dutch "windmills" in the colors of the dutch flag
Lotje and Muriel showing Muriel's lovely Marcelle Medallion

"my" round robin with the basket on top of all the other ones
One of our new members holding up her New York beauty!
Linda en Nicole (followthewhitebunny) holding up Nicole's scrap
vommit quilt! It's lovely. We all got some scraps to start our own.
I love these meetings spent with very different people who all share a love of modern quilts!

See you soon!Pin It

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