zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Making my boys happy

Remember my fathersday post? I already showed you our fusible beads (strijkkralen) gift here. But I made him another little something. Using my quilt as you go technique I used scraps to make him a big potholder.

I usually save leftover bindings and use them in smaller projects like this one. I love recycling in that way! Sometimes I just use all my left over bindings for on big quilt. So be thrifty and don't throw them out. I even make my bindings longer than needed sometimes to be on the safe side and because I know I will use the leftovers later.

Because I made the front on some leftover batting with scraps and than added some heat resistant batting the potholder is pretty stiff and thick. On the other hand you will definitely not burn your hands with them!

The backing is some leftover Ikea fabric, they are nice and sturdy usually. And the quilting is neon orange. I have definitely developed a neon thing.

Now I'm off to make other big boys something!
See you soon!Pin It

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