zaterdag 20 juli 2013

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

My big boy is getting even bigger, he's leaving kindergarten or pre-school to really start school in what we call groep 3. My son was born in the end of October, so he spent almost three years with his lovely teacher.
We gave her something with all the kids leaving her classroom, but I had to leave a reminder my self. To say thank you to someone who has had such a big role in the education and general upbringing of your child can even get a little emotional. And there is no gift big enough to represent that. I have made her things in the past for her birthdays etc. And I have made some things for the classroom. So I was really out of ideas to make something for her. So I made her a pincushion, to encourage her to do a little sewing herself! I made it in light and sunny colors, because she is a light and sunny person. I used the practice block from the lucky stars bomb of don't call met Betsy. It is paperpieced and than quilted on some left over batting. I filled it with small pieces of leftover batting, I love being frugal like that! I hope she appreciates the gesture and my son won't miss her too much.

 I already added some pins and needles, so she is all set up to start!

And since we are in the saying goodbye mode, I also said goodbye to the fly away quilt I made with the care circle of do good stitches. I found a good cause near to me in a temporary children's home made possible by the salvation army. Kids can get placed out of their homes for some time for different reasons. After some time here they can go back home sometimes, or go to a more permanent place for them. One of the little ones now has a blanket to take with him on this road ahead to give him comfort. I really hope things work out well for him. Going there really made me realize how lucky we are and how we sometimes take that to much for granted. I plan to make all my do good stitches blankets for a child in transit in this home. Maybe when my little ones are bigger I can help out in other ways to, but that far ahead is difficult planning.

See you soon!Pin It

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