woensdag 17 juli 2013

monkey see monkey do

In my blogging career I have roamed the internet and found lots and lots of wonderful ideas. Some of them have been on my list (see free tutorial page) for a looooong time. Like this little monkey. You can find the tutorial here on craft passion.

When I make something, people say, wow you are so gifted to be able to make those things. And I always say, I make what I see, I am inspired by so many of you in the virtual world, I'm just a monkey (monkey see, monkey do). That's what I thought of while making the monkey. But I realized, of course you always add a touch of yourself. Like a crooked mouth on this one (lol) and a cross stitch belly button, etc.

I liked making this one. The sewing is done very quickly but the stuffing and hand sewing does take up some time. Don't forget to do this sturdily when giving the monkey to a monkey, because I had to re-attach the arm after 5 minutes of playing with it... But he has been asking for it for a long time and now he has his new little friend! My second softie ever!

See you soon!

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