zondag 7 juli 2013

Secret sewing & starting goodbyes

We are very busy preparing our move and the weather has finally accepted it's summer! Wich are of course all good things, but they are sometimes in the way of sewing. And what I am sewing is secret, so that doesn't help.

I'm pinning all kinds of nice pictures of bathrooms, gardens and fireplaces (see my pinterest on side bar) and when i stumble upon a beautifull quilt i feel like running upstairs... But starting big projects in this period really isn't a good idea unfortunately. So today we enjoyed summer on the water and we had a first real farewell bbq, one of the last in our first real home and our beautifull garden. I will kiss both thoroughly though I also look forward to our new home. So just some pics to show today folks! Maybe later this week I can share some sewing!

We went out with my daddies boat, the boys had a blast!


    And after that another party, bbq-ing with our friends and theirs

 Enjoy the weather while it lasts! See you soon!
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Esther F. zei

Veel succes bij de verhuizing! Heel veel plezier ook bij het aankleden van jullie jullie nieuwe stek!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com


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