zaterdag 7 september 2013

Home Sweet temporary appartment

The move is done, the first one that is to a temporary apartement, awaiting the renovation of our real new home. Try explaining that to a toddler.... He's a bit confused, but stoic as he is, decides to ignore this and just repeat the question: Is this our new home? a few thousand times a day. I decided not to worry to much about it, he will find out soon enough. We expect to move again in November. A lot of our stuff is placed in sea containers, so a. we don't have to pack everything (just half) again in November, b. it won't fit in the temporary apartment.

We unpacked fairly quickly since it wasn't all of our stuff and I set up a little sewing corner. I decided I had to bring some sewing stuff, because otherwise I will go insane a lot of babies are due in the next months and I want to do some sewing for the new home. (see the stack of empty moving boxes on the balcony?)

It's in the living room, and I look forward to being in the middle of things when sewing! Speaking about babies and sewing, one of my girlfriends from high school (I'm lucky to have quite a few left from this period) is having her second baby. The theme of the new room is not very outspoken yet (or not discussed yet) but I got her to give a few hints: something boaty, with blues and beige and white. I started some blocks in our old home (weird to wright that down) and decided to do it medallion style, which attracts my eye a lot on flickr and pinterest. (for non quilters: medallion style means designing something around a center block, adding different borders). My center is a boat, surrounded by double hourglasses and then some strips. I added a little touch of red to make it a little more lively, but now I'm doubting this decision. I will be contemplating new borders to add this afternoon, any tips are always welcome!

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3 opmerkingen:

Friemel Tinus zei

Het ziet er heel erg leuk uit! Groetjes, Lotte

dutchcomfort zei

I hope you will have a wonderful time in your temporary home. The quilt looks wonderful. Maybe the red will look better when you make the last border a bit wider? There are some pops of red in your fabrics, so it does fit!

Lees mijn blog eens zei

what a wonderful home, with a sewingspot. I'm jealous


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