zaterdag 16 mei 2015

bzzzz - bee block update

There's not a lot of updates. I'm not in a lot of bees these days. But I do love sewing with my friends of the comfort circle of do good stitches. This months assignment is a block called Shoo Fly. As you know I love block names and make some blocks just because I love the name of them. I'm curious what this means it should look like though. When I looked it up it seemed to mean rocking chair, or police officer. I don't see either in them. Do you know?

This assignment was by silly banana sewing. She made a tutorial for this block in three sizes on her blog. You can find it here. She asked for solid whites and blue prints. I am of course the queen of blue stash fabrics (I have two stacks of blue as opposed to 1/3 stack of yellow..., I am on a blue fabric buying diet ever since) so I pulled out some lovelies (I think).

I am making some pillows next. See you soon!Pin It

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