zaterdag 6 april 2013

Finish-A-Long - How are we doing?

In January I joined the Finish-A-Long over at she can quilt! I did it because I love finishing things, but not always the finishing process. Sometimes a new project is winking at me and I have a hard time sticking to my plan and finish a project first. In the finishing process my number one least favorite part is basting, I hate it. Quilting and binding are not so bad I think, I actually enjoy it. But the most favorite part is thinking out what to make and selecting fabrics. So that's always around the next corner calling to me : "You can bind it later", or something. So this quarter I decided to have earplugs for the voices in my head (though that is basically impossible) and focus on a few finishes. Of course I was a little over ambitious and forgot about some commitments I made in bees etc. But I did make some good progress! And  having the finish-a-long in the back of my head did help me to ignore new projects and spend an extra night or two sewing, so that really worked. You can find my original blog post here.

The progress!
First you see my goal from my first post, in blue how far I've come, and pics of course. 

Number 1: My 4x5 blocks. I have 12 blocks (from 2 quarters) in grey, aqua and green. I want to make a throw guilt out of them. Maybe for me, maybe for someone I love. So I need to make them in to a top, select/piece a backing, quilt and bind. And I don't even know who I will make a consistent top out of this. sashing/no sashing? Border/no border? en point? Add some blocks?

Now I have a top! I didn't want a traditional sampler. So I made lots of small flying geese, some trees, some half square triangles and added some panels of different fabric to make it in a more loose and creative top. I really did this row by row, how does it look, what will I add, etc. I loved doing it and I'm really happy wit the result. 

Number 2: I have finished the big boy top, but it's not a quilt yet. Mainly because I can't decide how to quilt it, secondly because making the sandwich is my least favorite part of quilting. 

I Finished it! You can read all about it here. And you'll find the link to the tutorial too. 

Number 3: I made some blocks for the scrappy trip along, which should be quick and fun (I'll tell you more about it later) and I want to fluently make and finish this one, maybe that will get my finishing mojo back!

I made lots more blocks, made them into a top, basted it and quilted it, only the binding is missing! So the grand reveal will be later, but it's almost done! I blogged about it here.

Overall I made progress on all three quilts, so I'm happy with the results. I think I will sign up for an other quarter of finishing! Will you?

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