woensdag 10 april 2013

List for the second quarter of the finish along

I'm not starting any new projects before finishing some! That's a line you haven't heard for the first or last time here. I am linking up two the goals for the second quarter over at She can quilt!

My goals will be to finish:

1. My scrappy trip quilt. I just have to bind it, so this one's easy 

2. My modern sampler of 4x5 blocks. I have a finished top now, so I need to make some backing, baste, quilt and bind. This ones definitely more challenging.

 3. Finish my first and last Care circle quilt (do good stitches) and donate it to Jopie's dromenquilts (both have they're own button on my side-bar). This one is not even a top yet and I'm already late to finish so I have to get a move on!

I have limited my commitments a little, but I do have to make a few bee-blocks, at least 1 round robin and some gifts in the mean time. So wish me luck!

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