donderdag 30 mei 2013

Is there anybody going to listen to my story

All about the girl who came to stay...

I'm a song thinker. Remember Ally McBeal who had a song for every occasion in her head? And could sing out loud without anyone thinking she was crazy. I'm like her in that way (not the 50kg or even less way). Because my parents loved the Beatles so, very often the theme song in my head is a Beatles one. And since my parents anniversary party is this afternoon and we're going to sing a homemade Beatles medley for them, I've been singing Beatles all day. Up to a point when even my kids were sick of me (-; And they love singing.

I was singing all yesterday evening too, until 01:00 sewing away on my present for them. This time I did start a few weeks ago, but life got in the way, so I had two blocks yesterday and now its a watchamacallit. (googleing) Table Runner I think. I never made one before. I don't own one even. But I think my mom, who asked me to make a tree-skirt (which I will probably never own either), will like it and see the use in it. If she doesn't she can do what she does like with it. It's the thought that counts.

I made three blocks with very good 40th wedding anniversary names (as you all know by now I'm a sucker for block names): The love knot, wedding ring and steps tot the altar. I chose a color combo I think blends in with my mom's living room. And I am pretty happy with the result! I added a beige border and chose to keep the binding in the same color. That's a first too and I think I like the effect. All your attention goes to the center. I machine bound it using an applique stitch to stitch it down on the front with a matching thread. That turned out quite good!

Steps to the altar

Wedding ring

Love knot
Pretty fancy right? I machine quilted it, but not to much. I didn't want it to be all stiff. Just following some straight lines, using the beige from the border. I love how this wasn't planned. I just started making a block, making another, thinking up the idea of a table runner, making another, choosing a border, etc. Just design as you go so to speak. 

The Boys are also being very creative for their grandparents

So let's dress up, pack up and go to the party!
See you soon!

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mooi eva. heeft iets fraai klassieks. heeft helga al een plekje gevonden?


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