donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Joining hands - new challenges

I'm enjoying a lovely weekend with beautiful fall weather. It's sunny and the temperatures are fine. Our house, which is being renovated, is becoming a dream house in front of our very eyes. All these things made me smile when sewing up some bee blocks for the joining hands bee.

Alice asked for a (sort of) Swoon. I have admired these blocks often, but had never made one. We didn't become friends.. For some reason everything went wrong when sewing it up. I usually give up and take some time to get it back together, but with the to do list in my head I labored on and made mistake after mistake. I like the overall result, but no close ups please. I did send it to Alice, but maybe I'll make another one later on to do it better.

Wendy from the joining hands bee asked for any block using dark green and burgundy. I'don't "do" these colors, after emptying my scrap buckets I found some leftovers from things I sewed for my mom and form scrap bundles. I do love the book fabric and it's really fitting in the color scheme, but cutting it up seemed a waste, so I chose a block in which I could use a bigger piece. It's a variation on my current favorite the churn dash called a framed churn dash.

Even more churn dashes will be popping up here soon, stay tuned for the next episode of  "as the churn dashes".

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