dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Busy be(e)ing

I made more bee blocks.

Two for the october round of the comfort circle (do good stitches)

It's an easy block with a great effect. You can find the tutorial here.

And a "monochromatic improv" block, lovely scrabble words too, for rachel from the creative quiltblocks bee. She wanted a block in every color of the rainbow, I thought she only still missed a grey version, but she had that already, but no other colors were "free" so now she has two!

I'm not much of an improv girl, but sewing together scraps, that I do love.

Now I'm up to sew 30 some bookmarks for my son to treat on his birthday. Yeah, I know, we did that last year too, but they all loved it and he is in a new grade with new kids, so I thought, why change a winning team...

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