dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Joining Hands - economy blocks

I'm in a new bee called "joining hands", you can find us here on Flickr. And of course I had to figure out what to ask for. I was browsing my favorite blogs for inspiration and I found this on redpepperquilts.com and I just knew. I had to have a quilt like this. Maybe even exactly this one! She was generous and gave a tutorial how to make "economy" blocks as they are called. (I love saying economy with a smile on my face in this day and age) You can find the tutorial here. She has one for traditional piecing and one for foundation piecing. This is a picture form here blog:

So I asked the ladies of the bee to make these blocks for me. Since they are very small (5 inch finished) I asked to make more than 1 if possible, because I will need lots of blocks to make a quilt. And this quilt will be just for me, for my new home. Of course I tried both patterns (traditional  (left) and paperpieced (right)) and made a few blocks. I love how you can use small scraps of your most loved fabrics.

Can't wait to have this quilt on my couch! 
See you soon!

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