woensdag 30 oktober 2013

bookmark production line

This makes me smile!

I made another batch of bookmarks (30) for his classmates. It's his birthday treat. I did it last year and wrote up a tutorial. You van find it here. The kids and parents loved them last year, so why change a winning team. He has mostly new kids in his class, and he is learning to read and write now, so they should come in handy! I ordered some fabric for it from japan, but it hasn't arrived yet. So I made do with what I had. I embroidered the names of his classmates on them with my sewing machine. Now we have to go bake or buy something sweet to go with them!

And I started a babyquilt (yes again, I can't help everyone around me keeps having babies). My friend knows, but doesn't tell us what the baby will be and says she will keep everything turquoise (which tells us exactly nothing). I tried bribing her, but nothing works, so turquoise it is. I decided to combine it with grey and was really inspired by a quilt on pinterest which I cannot find again, but I'm making it from what I remember of it. It involves lots of HST's (Half Square triangles), which I have no made and cut for accuracy (You did what? Yes I cut the to an accurate 5,5 inches, please don't faint, I learn from my mistakes LOL)
This afternoon I will lay them out to see how they will come together!

See you soon!

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