woensdag 22 januari 2014

Finished quilt top - family posing

I finished the top for Isabel's quilt! I really like the result. It's warm and friendly, but it has some boldness and character in it for sure. That would fit my sister in law just fine. I love having a person in mind when making something. Even though I don't over think what they will like or how it will fit with them, It just emerges while you create. Like they are sitting on your shoulder and give you whispered directions. I don't think I will add a border. I'm just waiting for some batting to arrive, so I can finish it in time for my first quarter goals!

We went out with my own and my both my sister's children. I always love to try and get them in the same picture. The weather was lovely, so I took my chances! Do you see a resemblance? The small ones on the left were born only a month apart. And I love the two little blond heads together. My big boy is always sweet and helps out with the small ones, though he is definitely to cool for these babies!

See you soon!
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2 opmerkingen:


Heel schattig die hoofdjes! En nee, geen border....

tante b zei

wat een enige foto. hoe dat kletst met elkaar. zo volwassen en morritz die mamma assisteert op zijn grote fiets.


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