zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Planning the new year - first quarter goals

I'm not good with lang term plans for quilting. But I can give some insight in the first quarter of 2014. I have quite a few actually, some with pictures. To motivate myself to go ahead and finish these I'm linking this up as goals for my first quarter. (Linking up with Katy from thelittlestthistlecraftshop)
  • I am making my sister in law who turned 40 (!) in december a lap quilt for her birthday (promised to finish it before she turns fifty lol). It's a pattern from the book "jelly roll quilts". I've used a small jelly roll my sister brought me from the states some years ago and added some browns, aquas and oranges from my stash to make it into a decent lap size. I don't like couch quilts to be to big because they will drag over the floor. The color scheme is out of my comfort zone, but I love how the browns, aquas and oranges come together, I think she will love it and it will fit her interior.
  • I have received my blocks from the creative quiltblock bee, I will make a picture soon and make plans for a top. (for me!)
  • I have received most economy blocks, but I will have to make many more for a top. This is the last picture, I will make an update one soon. (for me!)
  • I am receiving the starry scrappy nights block for the comfort circle (do good stitches) that will have to find it's way into a quilt (or two small ones) (in time) too.

So a grand total of 4 quilts (maybe 5, if I split up my last entry) to finish in the first quarter! Maybe I'm over achieving here, but what the heck, let's give it a try.

Not for my entry, but I do hope to make some progress on:
  • I have plans for 2 babyquilts due april.
  • I will of course scrappy hexy on, I have been hexying for three years and I will need at least three more to finish a queen size quilt my Alexander wishes for. Last update here, I will make an update picture soon.

So no worries about me! I will be busy and making at least two quilts for me!

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Katy Cameron zei

Good luck with your list :o)


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