dinsdag 14 januari 2014


Once, sometimes twice a year I go to Lille (France) with my sisters and my mom. We go shopping in the sale! We love being in France and French shops. We drive for 2 1/2 hours (twice) and talk till we drop. But after we leave the car, the talking is over. Shopping is of course serious business! LOL. But Lille is also a lovely city, especially this year with sunshine in january.
I would never go in it, but it is a merry sight!

Le pain quotedien
which we first discoverd in New York of all places

The sun gave a magic touch
It was lovely ladies, I'm ready for our next outing, maybe my bank account isn't though....

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dutchcomfort zei

So fun to read about Lille! My husband worked in France for over 30 years in a village near Lille. He always stayed in a Hotel in Lille and we often spent weekends there together. It’s a shame so many people only know Lille from passing through when they drive to the south of France!


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