woensdag 7 mei 2014

birthday boy

We had the party! And he got is own "tree house" and an I spy quilt to go with it!

His daddy and his aunt made him a "Buurman en Buurman" cake (neighbour and neighbour?) at his request.

And I finished the I spy quilt for him by handquilting it following the diamonds in multiple color threads. (also at his request, don't we spoil our youngest most do you think?) I bound it with a blue and white stripe and backed it with the hippo fabric I bought at Ikea a long time ago, some of his fathers old shirt and some elephants (from kokka I think). I love handquilting a small project like this in front of a good movie!

And the birthday boy himself to top it off!

My big big boy, sometimes I wish we could turn back time, just for a day!
See you soon!
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1 opmerking:

tante b zei

fantastisch eva! fedde, de hut, de quilt. xxm


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