zondag 12 mei 2013

e-reading away

I never thought I would give in. I love real books, I love bookcases full of them, the smell of them, the feel. Old ones, new ones, paperbacks, hardcovers. But I did cave. It's all the practical me that caved, none of the romantic me that should have been born as Elizabeth Bennet, walking in the english countryside, book in hand. But what can I say, it's light, fits your handbag easily, easy when reading in bed, on a holiday you can bring your whole bookcollection and more, so you can always choose what you're into in the moment. I can decide I want a book tonight and have it the same night. My bookshelves are already bending through and saying, please don't buy another. I still do sometimes; copies of the books I love to death. But mostly my e-reader is attached to my hand in my spare spare time, when of course not sewing.

I made a case before. Even made a tutorial for it and used one of my favourite melody miller fabrics. But I lost it somehow. So I needed a new one. I'm still hoping I will find my old one, so I made a different one, envelope style. I roughly used this tutorial, though the size is different of course. And I made the outside with the scrappy quilt as you go approach I picked up. You can find a description on  her site. I love it!

see you soon!

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