zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Merry go round

I love making the round robins. I can't explain, but to make a block fore someone is nice. But to have something someone made in front of you and adding to it, gives it just a bit extra for me. This one is for my virtual friend Dutchcomfort. She has added something beautiful to almost all the round robins in the double dutch club. She makes things meticulously and added borders with lots of work in them. And for those who know me a little, ahum, I try, but.... neatness or to much fuss is not my middle name. So, I  did really made an effort this time! Hope you like it Nicolette. The before picture is here.

I think (haven't checked yet) she used the left over triangles from the x&+ blocks we made for here in the Comfort circle. I had saved those scraps too. She made little windmills (pinwheels is the real name I think) out of them. And this I think, shows the versatility of the HST (Half Square Triangle). I used the same triangles in a whole different way in my border. I'm beginning to get more used to using dark greys and blacks in quilts. I especially love the dark border she added here! I fussy cut the little butterflies in the corners and I really love the result. But I have to say goodbye to it, someone else will make another border.. That's the merry go round life of a round robin. Off you go...

See you soon!

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