vrijdag 24 mei 2013

buckeye beauty's

If you come here more often you know I'm a sucker for quilt block names. I was intrigued by the name buckeye beauty, I guessed around what it would be, it sounds so american to me. I found out it is a butterfly. Linda of the creative quiltblock bee asked to make one for her. She asked for a traditional colorful feel. Even though, as many of you know, I have many many fabrics. I own very little traditional ones. But if you use some fabrics in different combinations than you would normally do, you get a more traditionalish feel. At least, I think my blocks blend in well enough like this.
Though I like that it looks nice for Linda, this is a "so not me" quilt. But that's the nice thing about joining a bee, you make things you never dreamed you would ever make. It changes your take on things, you have to get over your thresholds and consider new blocks, colors and combo's. I like doing it every time!

I made 2 to help out one of the bee members who isn't feeling well and got a little behind.
The block was easy to make and I am wondering how it would look if you would have used all sollids. Or if you would have chosen a few fabrics to use through all the blocks, you can lay out some interesting patterns with them. You can find the tutorial here if you like to make one. For now they are of to the provence to be completed by Corrine Louise.

See you soon!

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