zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Hexing around

I have been working a lot and sewing very little these days. But yesterday evening I did add lots of new hexies to my stash. After three years of hexing I really needed to replace some papers, because they became to battered to work with. So I bought a hundred new papers and added the fabric to them last night with the supereasy glue method. I love the sight of piles of scrappy hexies, can't get enough of them!

I am getting somewhere with it after a few years of holiday and some couch sewing! I'm up to speed for my deadline, which is our retirement party.
So I can go at it tonight watching some new Scandal episodes, you gotta love those!
Wanna try doing some hexies. I have the link to a post explaining how in my sidebar!

See you soon!

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2 opmerkingen:

atelier077 zei

Leuk om zo je restjes op te maken. Je hebt overal maar kleine stukjes van nodig.
Groetjes, Josine

Mo-Ka's zei

Super gewoon!! Als dit een give-away zou zijn, dan sta ik alvast op de eerste rij :-)


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