zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Moving on a generation

Some years ago we were one of the first in our circle to own an iPad, brought from the states. What an amazing machine! We never saw anything like it. And for weeks now I have been complaining how slow it got, that I couldn't update everything anymore etc. What has happened in this short time. What seemed like megamodern a few years ago, is old technology now. And we bought a new one. I'm over the moon with it. And I try to realize that it will be old technology in a few years too. What will those years bring that we cannot imagine yet...

But since the old one and it's cover is now owned by our boys to do their games, we did need a new cover of course! So I made an envelope like sleeve for it in a quilt as you go-ish approach. I even used some of my very small piece of coveted fishes. I love that fabric. I have paid lots for a very small piece a few years back, but I have been to cheap to use it in anything yet. I just got it out sometimes, stroked it and put it back. Do you do that? My husband laughs at me for such behavior. There a re lots of precious (to me) fabric in this, but I use it every day, so it is totally worth it!

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1 opmerking:

tante b zei

over een paar jaar zit je ipad in je bril of jas of ????
wat een bijzonder mooi hoesje is het geworden!


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