maandag 24 februari 2014

the basket round robin

My own round robin started with a basket. In aqua and grey, which is a color combination I love.  Lots of lovely rounds were added by my Double dutch quilty friends. Slowly more limish green and purple were added. I'm not a purple person, but I couldn't help my self, I love it!

I received it back at our last meet and I decided tot put it "en point", which is a very professional quilting term for adding triangles to the sides. I had no idea how to do this with such a big thing. So I started sketching and browsing and measuring and pulling fabrics.

For anyone who is a little rusty in calculating how big a triangle should be when you only know the diagonal this is a useful link. I'm very proud of myself to calculate, cut and sew in a flow without making mistakes!

I chose a glittery white from michael miller, one of my favorite amy butlers (it reminds me of martini's with olives for some reason), a small flowery fabric (I bought in France) and an oakshot purple.

Did some sketshing and calculating, and this is the result, on my new showline of course!

See you soon!
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2 opmerkingen:

tante b zei

een bijzondere!

Muriel zei

Heel mooi! En met dank aan Pythagoras, toch?!


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