zaterdag 21 september 2013

Another finished top - but no batting yet

Hi everyone, I made the grey and green churn dashes into a top! I love the result!There's a lot going on here, circus, guitars, giraffes, frogs, stars, dots, elephants, owls, but because I used only grey and green tones it's not to busy (I think). The batting is on it's way, thanks for the tips everyone!

Right now I'm pondering what my idea will be for a new bee (Joining hands) with people as far away as Russia and Kuwait. These are actually very abstract places to me and I love imagining about them while making the blocks to send there.This group is started by Corrinne Louise who I've met (virtually) in the creative quilt blocks bee which is ending some time soon after a bumpy ride. We sent the blocks around the circle there, adding to each quilt that past you. The idea is lovely, but a few people were out of the loop some time and the circle broke a few times. I think I will receive the lovely blocks everyone made me this fall. It will be aquas and pinks and white with lots of flying geese, looking forward to that. You can find my starter block here, blogged about almost a year ago. Time flies.

See you soon!

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