maandag 16 september 2013

Settling down - fabric shopping!

We are getting back at our routine, the kids going to school and day care, we are working again and all this from our new temporary apartment. I have to remind myself to go there instead of to our old home from work or grocery shopping. Otherwise my automatic pilot will take me to our old home. My youngest, who was pretty indifferent about our temporary move asked me "when can we go home" when I tucked him in yesterday. When I told him we can't since other people are living there now (and holding my breath for a tantrum), he just said: oh okay and settled down to go to sleep.

This weekend we enjoyed a little nice weather and I took the bike to The Hague center for a fabric market (twice a year). I was hoping to buy batting. I've never ordered it online and my LQS (Local Quilt Store, it took me some time to figure it out too) seems to be closed everytime I leave from work (it's close toe work, not to home). If you read this blog more often you know I can't handle to many unfinished projects (UFO's) lying around. I fear never finnishing them and hesitate to start new things. And I still have the grannys front porch quilt to baste, quilt and bind and do good has deadlines about those.... But to make a long story short: no batting on the fabric market. But I couldn't resist a few additions to my fabric stash (Excuse: fairly cheap ones if you compare it to quilt store fabrics)! So if anyone has tips as to where to buy batting online, preferably in the Netherlands so it wont be to expensive to order, please let me know!

Don't you love a crisp sunny sunday morning!

Dots are good stash builders

€2,50 a meter! 100% cotton for backing
See you soon!Pin It

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Francis Paul zei

ik bestel hier mijn batting:

groetjes, Francis


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