zaterdag 14 september 2013

waiting for Bram

My quilt for my friends baby is done. But He (his working name is Bram, but that isn't his real name of course) hasn't arrived yet. Who would have thought I finished it before the deadline with the move and all. But he is not coming out yet. Maybe today.... So I can't show it yet either, since I want her to be a little surprised at least. I gave a sneak peak here.

I'm always full of energy and new ideas after a quick finish, especially when sewing the binding down by hand I have time to visualize all kinds of new projects. So I moved on to the the next due-date on my baby boom list. For some reason a lot of people close to us are having babies this fall. Which makes me, I hope I'm not an exception, a little nostalgic since mine are getting bigger and bigger and there probably won't be another one. And that's fine, I am so lucky to have two beautiful boys and it's a good decision, but hormones can't be stopped when sewing up little snuggly baby quilts.

That being said and behind me. I was really nicely surprised by the churn dash blocks I made for the comfort circle the other day and decided the next baby quilt on my list would be churn dashes. This one is for a good friend of Alexander who is expecting his first baby in September. They seem to like a little retro look, so that went well with the churn dashes I think. And I started to collect blues and greens from my stash and scraps. (I am of course trying not to buy any fabric because I have enough because we need a lot of money to renovate our new home). I asked to see some pics of the babies new room just in time, because it's green and grey. A really nice color combo, that I didn't see coming. So I changed out the blues for greys, which I have a lot less of, but still plenty!

I have finished cutting and preparing the blocks. I made two. I am chain piecing it together, it's pretty quick! And I love the retro look of the first results.

The stack waiting to be blocks

My husq varna is humming!
I have a lot more babies on my list so if you have nice ideas for baby quilts, let me know!

See you soon!

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