zaterdag 28 september 2013

Dashy Baby

I finished another baby quilt, you've got to love a small project. The quilting and binding is a breeze on these. The baby in question isn't born yet, but since I do have quite a few todo's in mind with a deadline, I'm glad I finished this one at least! I blogged about is earlier here. The room for the baby to be is in green and grey, boy do I love how that turned out in the retro looking churn dashes. They are easy to make and give a great secondary pattern!

Quilt stats:
Name: retro churn dash
Measurements: 36x48 inches
op: I was inspired by the churn dashes I made for a bee. I just pulled boyish fabrics in green and grey with lots of novelty fun fabrics. You can find tutorials for churn dashes all over the internet.
Back: Big green white checker.
Quilted: Straight lines sort of following the blocks in neon green on my home machine
Binding: Grey, by hand

See you soon!
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Mooi! en handbinding?? Snel? Ziet er wel erg mooi uit!


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