dinsdag 20 januari 2015

A long awaited finish! Wilde Geese

I had shown you the top before here, but now I have finished the whole quilt. After machine quilting the ditches of the blocks for some sturdiness I have handquilted in the blocks. I used several colors in pink and turquoise/green. I didn't really have a plan I just had some fun on the couch watching some of my favorite series (including homeland, scandal, etc.). I always love doing it, though I'm still no expert on keeping the stitches even. But, who looks at it that close up?

I've bound it wit some hot pink and white clovers, and the backing is a favorite Ikea fabric. The quilt isn't that big, but it is a perfect lapsize I think, for snuggling under on the couch. It will be for my dear friend Inge. The sun came out just long enough to take some pictures! All the blocks have their own character and are beautifully made by my fellow bee members. My favourite block is the little handmade star, made by my quilting friend Lotje (slootjesschilder) by hand on her camping holiday to Scotland. I imagine her sitting in front of her tent on a Scottish more stitching the little star. This is such an creative, feisty, cosy, interesting, feminine, international, petite quilt, just like Inge, they are a perfect pair.

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dutchcomfort zei

Het leek me niet makkelijk om een geheel te maken van de blokken, maar dat is super goed gelukt!


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