donderdag 1 januari 2015

Happy new year!

I finished some more farmers wife blocks! In 2015 I will finish the farmer's wife quilt... And the economy block quilt! I've finished more than 80% of the tops of these quilts, so I can easily say this now (I hope)
FWQ #71 Puss in the corner

FWQ #72 Railroad

Fwq #73 Rainbow Flowers

FWQ #74 Ribbons
I pondered more quilty resolutions to share with you here. But I decided against it: no  more overwhelming resolutions in quilting! If I "have to" do things I do for fun something goes wrong in my head and I stop enjoying it! So let's just take it one project at the time and enjoy every step and finish. Just maybe that needs to be my resolution for real life too.... ;-) In general let's make small and not to many resolutions we can actually achieve. Not be some nagging list in the back of our brain that makes us feel guilty, or even hopeless some times. And let's make a new one when we have accomplished it or them, why wait for 2016. Are you making any resolutions?

Happy new year everyone, may all your wishes come true.

See you soon!

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