vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Snowball, maybe it will happen?

We have been waiting for it to snow, but not much so far. I guess there are parts in the world where they would be glad there was no snow for a few days in winter, but in Holland we always wish for snow, or enough frost to go ice skating. But this winter (and last) we had no such luck. Making a snowball block may help right? Because our sledges and snowboots are ready to go!

FWQ #79 Silver Lane

FWQ #80 Single Wedding Star

FWQ #82 Snowball
Only 29 to go, whatever will I do after a full year and a half of making farmers wife blocks?Pin It

1 opmerking:

Natalie zei

Schitterende blokjes! Ik ben ook aan de FWQ begonnen, al heb ik er pas 1 af... Je hebt zo'n geweldige stofjes er voor gekozen!


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